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We deliver direct hire and contract staffing, or we can get out of the box and develop a custom solution for you.

About us

Intellect Resources has perfected the art of recruiting. We take the pain and stress out of the process and deliver exceptional results. 

Driven by founder and CEO, Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resources is an award-winning recruiting and talent advisory firm headquartered in Greensboro, NC.   For the past 20 years, Intellect Resources has recruited thousands of high-quality healthcare IT professionals for the healthcare industry.

We take care of our clients so they can care for their patients.

Tiffany Crenshaw

Founder and CEO

Tiffany is passionate about the art of recruiting and is determined to change the “used-car salesperson” stereotype often associated with recruiters. She has created a proven recruiting process that produces real results.

Recruiting remains central to all of Intellect Resources’ services; direct hire, staffing, activation services, healthcare IT consulting, talent advisory, recruiter training, the execution of large-scale hiring events and more.

Under Tiffany’s 20 years of leadership, Intellect Resources has placed thousands of healthcare IT professionals with well-respected hospitals, consulting firms, software vendors, academic medical centers, for-profit health systems, community hospitals, ACOs and other healthcare entities.  During our two decades of experience, Intellect Resources has won awards for both service and growth.

Tiffany Crenshaw

We offer our clients and candidates ...

a personalized experience

We help you put the boots on the ground by either handling the work for you or training your team to do it.

turnkey solutions

We can deliver traditional direct hire and contract staffing all tied up in a bow, or we can get out of the box and develop a custom solution, just for you.  

speed and effeciency

Time is money. We know it’s painful to have empty seats or be between contracts, so we work quickly.

recruiting with Heart

We do our best to care for and nurture our candidates and their careers.  Our favorite part of the process is going above and beyond to guide and coach our clients and candidates through the interview process.

decades of experience

We use our extensive industry experience and provide hands-on service to take the stress out of recruiting for candidates and clients.



It’s not only about healthcare IT and skill sets, it’s about finding the right culture fit and personality too. Intellect Resources gets that. They take the time to find out more than just the job requirements because their definition of success is OUR definition of success.


They’re fun! The company is a great mix of personalities and a lot of Southern Charm, so I’m always happy to pick up the phone when they call or vice versa.


They’ve got my back, no doubt. 7 years ago I was running my first major go-live and was probably a little in over my head during the planning stage. When most other vendors would have clocked out and gone home, Intellect Resources was onsite. I like that – no, I need that – in a partner!

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