Intellect Resources stands apart for its unparalleled ability to recruit high-quality talent and provide service delivery with a personalized touch.

Our offerings and team building are custom-tailored to your strategic business initiatives, individual project needs, and budget.

We recognize that the teams we build and deliver have the power to help a project succeed or fail.  We do not take that responsibility lightly.  When working with Intellect Resources, everything and anything is possible—from that individual, perfect resource for a role to teams in the hundreds fully supported by Intellect Resources’ management operations, technical assets, and refined and proven processes.

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With rapidly changing healthcare needs, we know timing is critical.  Whether you need a diverse range of clinical healthcare professionals or a large number of non-clinical and operational staff, Intellect Resources is equipped to provide highly skilled professionals that meet your needs.  We offer contractual staff augmentation, temp-to-perm placement, and direct-hire recruitment assistance.

Finding the right fit when hiring your full-time healthcare talent is not only key to the success of your organization but also to the quality of care your organization provides.  Intellect Resources’ recruitment experts can ease your organization’s hiring challenges, providing you with more time to focus on providing excellent care.  We tailor each search to your unique needs, long-term business initiatives, and culture, ensuring you are only presented with the highest quality talent and candidates who are an excellent fit for your opening and your organization.

When you are in need of exceptional leaders to transform your healthcare organization, look no further than Intellect Resources.  With our industry relationships, vast coast-to-coast network and hands-on, personalized service, we can guide you and the top echelon of healthcare candidates through a proven recruitment and hiring process.  Your team will find that new leader you need to meet the demands of the role in driving innovation, furthering your patient care objectives, and ensuring your organizational success.

Project-based recruitment solutions are designed to meet the demands your internal HR resources are unable to accommodate.  We support and work with your team to address peak hiring needs, hard-to-fill positions, short timeframes, large-scale projects, and more.

As a result of the pandemic, healthcare providers are now faced with evolving and expanding patient expectations for continued access to telehealth, use of devices to enable home-based care, and support for self-service patient portals.  Coupled with economic challenges, rapid expansion of AI, and worsening chronic conditions, providers are rapidly embracing omnichannel patient engagement strategies to increase patient satisfaction, drive down costs (especially readmissions), improve quality metrics, and close gaps in healthcare.  Our solutions are focused on driving patient engagement and satisfaction, as well as closing identified gaps in care.  Our patient engagement services are fully customizable and range from outsourcing specific outreach campaigns where provider teams need assistance, to offering varying forms of supplemental support to provider’s existing patient outreach and support operations.

Our hands-on, personalized services help rapidly drive transformative change to improved patient outcomes and operational savings.  When your patients are discharged, and/or when they have questions or experience challenges using patient portals or medical devices, our call center staff stand ready to troubleshoot and offer enhanced customer service that furthers the continuity of care under your clinical protocols, without burdening your clinicians. 

We specialize in quickly assembling and deploying project-specific, clinical and non-clinical teams with management oversight for time-sensitive critical needs.  Use cases include, but are not limited to, training and go-live support, personalization labs, service desk, chart abstraction, call center support, and omnichannel patient,  member engagement, coding, technical dress rehearsal, security, patching initiatives, implementations and data migrations.

Our talent pool is rich with healthcare IT professionals who can select, manage, install, support, use, and bring advisory support for healthcare-specific applications.  Nearly 30% of our placed candidates hold clinical credentials.  100% are tech savvy.  And the majority have experience with three or more electronic health records or ERPs.  They have a strong understanding of the clinical, operational, and revenue side of healthcare, and many are clinicians who transitioned into information technology, patient and member engagement, and other operational roles.

The Client Experience

Even when managing many projects at once, Intellect Resources works hard to ensure every client is delighted, at all times, in our championing their efforts as though they are our “one and only.”

A very small portion of our business typically comes from outbound sales efforts.  We love that!  Our clients are loyal, repeat customers, and most of our new business tends to be referrals from existing clients.  We are committed to providing all current and prospective clients with a first-class service experience.


Intellect Resources is equipped to provide an array of services ranging from the simple delivery of temporary staff to the development and execution of an enterprise program.

Healthcare Expertise

The average Intellect Resources team member has 9.9 years of healthcare experience.


Intellect Resources has been delivering leadership, IT, training, and software implementation consultants for over two decades and has executed projects nationwide.


Intellect Resources is WBENC, WSOB, and HUB certified and committed to diversity in all our operations. When assembling project teams, we seek a variety of skill sets, personalities, genders, ethnicities, and veterans to meet your project needs best.


When deploying teams of consultants on managed projects, Intellect Resources brings leadership and management oversite, a playbook, and a custom-developed Smartsheet toolset to manage work products and work efforts and give clients real-time dashboards for visibility into project progress and results.

A "Goldilocks" Experience

We are committed to getting projects right the first time, with just the right team and talent, delivered at the right time and at a price that is neither too high nor too low! From the simple delivery of a single full-time hire to large teams responsible for enterprise programs, we'll get it just right for you!

Commitment to Your Investment

As a privately held firm, we understand your desire to get the highest value for your investment in the services you buy. In all our work, we are committing to designing solutions, monitoring budgets, and spending your money as if we were managing our own funds.

Areas We Recruit

Intellect Resources’ expert recruiters have developed long-term, value-based relationships with the world’s most talented individuals and leading companies, creating connections that help bridge the talent gap for companies and organizations across the healthcare industry.

Recently completed searches include:

  • CIO and other c-level executives
  • Healthcare IT professionals with design, build, integration, QA, and other technical skills
  • Program and project managers
  • Curriculum designers and trainers
  • Service desk solutions, leaders, and agents
  • Data analytics and report-writing professionals
  • Clinical informatics, EHR, and workflow experts
  • Chart abstraction specialists
  • Go-live consultants
  • Optimization consultants
  • Physician-focused support professionals
  • Clinical and non-clinical call center agents
  • Patient engagement representatives
  • Tech Savvy providers, mid-levels, clinicians, and techs
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist
  • Clinical Program Director
  • Clinical Executives and leaders
  • Allied health professionals
  • Laboratory Services
  • Medical Techs
  • Device specialists
  • Professional Services Leaders and Business Development professionals
  • Healthcare IT
  • Advisory and outsource services
  • Business Development professionals
  • Account Managers
  • Program and project managers
  • Curriculum designers and trainers
  • Clinical informatics, EHR, and workflow experts
  • Go-live consultants
  • Service desk solutions, leaders, and agents
  • Compliance
  • Program and project managers
  • Curriculum designers and trainers
  • Service desk solutions, leaders, and agents
  • IT professionals with design, build, integration, QA, and other technical skills
  • Data analytics and report-writing professionals
  • Clinical informatics, EHR, and workflow experts
  • Chart abstraction and chart-chasing specialists
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Clinical and non-clinical omnichannel member engagement services
  • Biomedical and Biotech Leadership
  • Managed Care Leadership
  • Pharma Leadership
  • Hospital Leadership
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmaceuticals
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