1099 vs W2

What's the difference between 1099 vs W2? What is better for my situation? Why one over the other? If you have ever stopped to think about the pros and cons or have wanted a clear and simple breakdown, this webinar is for you! Join us as we break it all down with two experts! Click …

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Critical Conversations in Project Management

It's never easy. At some point in your project you will need to have a difficult conversation with a team member. Learning the basics of how to start a critical conversation will help you effectively communicate while preserving a positive team environment. Click Here To Register!

Mindfulness, Self-Care and Nutrition

Learning how to blend and balance all foods and beverages with a daily dose of positive attitude and activity can be hard to do after working all day or night but it's important in optimal mindfulness and self-care.  Join us in learning about sensible, mindful and delicious eating for optimal well-being. Click Here to Register! …

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Giving an Effective Status Report

The ability to clearly communicate the status of your project will determine your success as a project manager or consultant. Following these simple rules will ensure that your reports are clear, concise and valuable to your client. Click Here to Register!  

Talk to a Recruiter

Mary Cole, Isabel Seifert and Emily Monticello are all experienced recruiters, we look at resumes all day, we interview, we know the market and we are here to help you! This one hour discussion panel will help you and answer all your questions, big and small! Click Here to Register!

Tiffany’s Favorite Things

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping. Tiffany Crenshaw, CEO and Founder of Intellect Resources has a passion for Healthcare IT and Women Owned Small Businesses but did you know she has a passion for shopping and giving gifts too?! Help us kick off the Holidays - Oprah Style: She tasted, she tested, she picked the best—join …

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