Intellect Resources Ambassador Program

Year established: 1999

At Intellect Resources, we believe in integrity and building long-term partnerships with our clients. From our perspective, success isn’t based on satisfying deliverables; it’s based on understanding our client’s strategic business initiatives and ensuring their success in meeting them over the long haul. Our average client relationship extends far past the “seven year itch”, and our clients know they can consistently depend on us for any healthcare IT recruiting or consultant need. The convenience of having one partner to find that perfect, new full-time hire, provide a quick turn on short term consultants or coordinate a massive activation is unparalleled within the healthcare IT industry. Our services can be completely tailored to a client’s budget and project needs. 


For nearly two decades software companies, vendors and other suppliers to the healthcare IT industry have implored us to pitch their wares in hopes that we would share their message within our community and social network. And, we did just that whenever we were passionate about a particular product or service. But, when one such vendor offered referral bonuses for leads, the idea of an Ambassador Program sprung to life! As we started to really put some legs on the Ambassador Program for two clients, we had an “aha” moment and said, “ Why aren’t we dong the same for Intellect Resources?” So here we are!

who makes a great ambassador

As a consulting firm, we help clients tackle challenges head on, implement resolutions and deliver teams who can get the work done. And there is nothing more rewarding than seeing both the client and our consultants succeed together. The right ambassador for Intellect Resources is someone who is passionate about solving problems and helping others succeed. They can identify opportunities with hospitals, software vendors, pharma and other healthcare companies in need of talented strategic advisors, project managers, implementation consultants, integration analysts, trainers and activation support.  And, they can speak authentically and with sincere excitement about our firm and the services we provide.  It is our experience that CEOs, leaders of compatible consulting firms and vendors, industry sales executives, IT Leaders and program/project managers have both the right skill sets and tend to have more visibility to opportunities in their day to day operation.

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