Epic Revenue Cycle Principal Trainer

Intellect Resources

Intellect Resources is seeking a skilled and motivated Epic Revenue Cycle (HB, PB or both) Trainer to join our East Coast clients team. As an Epic Revenue Cycle (HB, PB or both) Principal Trainer, you will play a pivotal role in training and educating our staff on the efficient and effective use.


  • Design, develop, and deliver comprehensive training programs for end-users of Epic Revenue Cycle (HB, PB or both).
  • Collaborate with the Epic Implementation team to align Revenue Cycle training strategies with the overall system implementation plan.
  • Build and maintain MST (Master Training Environment).
  • Curriculum design both eLearning and traditional materials.


  • Epic certification is required in either HB or PB or both
  • Strong experience with Curriculum Design for Implementations
  • MST build experience
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