Registered Nurse (non-acute) Participants

Intellect Resources

Are you a registered nurse with experience in virtual nursing and a passion for improving patient care? Intellect Resources, a leading healthcare recruiting firm, is seeking virtual in-patient nurses with non-acute experience to participate in a 75 minute, paid, interview to discuss the integration of bedside nursing and virtual nursing workflows in in-patient settings. By sharing your valuable insights, you will help shape the future of healthcare technology and improve patient outcomes.

• Participate in a survey focused on the integration of bedside nursing and virtual nursing workflows in in-patient settings.
• Share your experiences, challenges, and best practices related to virtual nursing.
• Provide feedback on the impact of virtual nursing on patient care, nurse-patient interactions, and overall workflow.

• Must be based in the United States
• Must speak English fluently: Clear and effective communication is essential for participating in the survey and expressing your experiences accurately.
• Must have a registered nurse license: Your valid nursing license ensures your expertise and qualification to provide valuable insights.
• Must have at least 1 year of experience working as a virtual nurse and/or virtual sitters: We are specifically looking for candidates with direct experience in virtual nursing in a hospital setting.
• Must work or have worked in a hospital setting: Your experience working in a hospital environment provides the necessary context for understanding the integration of virtual nursing with bedside nursing.

If you are passionate about leveraging technology to enhance patient care and have firsthand experience with virtual nursing in a hospital setting, we would love to hear from you. Join us in making a difference in the healthcare industry by participating in our survey. Apply now and help shape the future of virtual nursing in in-patient settings!

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