Why Intellect Resources?

We do our best to care for and nurture our candidates and their careers. We spend ample time with every candidate to determine their career goals and to find their right match. Our favorite part of the process is going above and beyond to guide and coach our clients and candidates through the interview process.

Many moons ago, our CEO was a job hopper, fresh out of college. With four job changes in four years, she was well versed in interviews, onboarding and orientation processes. And after a final lousy experience with a recruiter, who used terms like “two thumbs up” and failed to tell her that a position required relocation and travel, she decided there was space in the recruiting industry for heart and compassion.

Tiffany pushes herself and her team to remember that candidates are individuals with hopes, goals and dreams and that while we live every day immersed in the hiring process, it can be intimidating to our candidates. So, we do our best to guide them through, giving input on resumes, providing interview coaching, offering advice on negotiating offers and, overall, striving to make the hiring experience better.

About our clients

Through the years, Tiffany and her team have worked with almost every type of employer in the healthcare industry.

Physician practices
Consulting firms
For-profit health systems

Outreach laboratories
Software vendors
Law firms
Insurance companies
Academic medical centers

Community hospitals
Chronic disease management firms
Pharmaceutical companies
Clinical research organizations

The common thread among them all is that they have a mission to improve patient care. And our job is to help them. 

We are sought after because clients know that our candidates will deliver both technical expertise and a solid understanding of the healthcare business.
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