Patient Engagement

As a result of the pandemic, healthcare providers are now faced with evolving and expanding patient expectations for continued access to telehealth, use of devices to enable home-based care and support for self-service patient portals. Coupled with economic challenges, the rapid expansion of AI, and worsening chronic conditions, providers are rapidly embracing omnichannel patient engagement strategies to increase patient satisfaction, drive down costs (especially readmissions), improve quality metrics, and close gaps in healthcare. Our solutions are focused on driving patient engagement and satisfaction and closing identified gaps in care. Our patient engagement services are fully customizable and range from outsourcing specific outreach campaigns where provider teams need assistance to offering varying forms of supplemental support to the provider’s existing patient outreach and support operations.

Support at Every Stage

From education to participation and adherence, it's proven that patients who feel empowered and engaged in their healthcare have better clinical outcomes. Our team builds relationships by using multiple teaching styles, fostering patient empowerment, and highlighting treatment benefits.

Built for You and with You

Collaborating with your team, Intellect Resources develops customized processes and methodologies to meet your needs that will be embraced by both your patients and clinicians. Successful patient engagement strategies result in lower healthcare costs, better outcomes, and reduced likelihood of (re)admission for patients.

The Right Team

Intellect Resources knows that the most successful patient engagement strategies involve a combination of clinicians, technology experts, training specialists, and communication professionals. With at-the-ready and experienced patient engagement teams, we are able to assist quickly and seamlessly in helping deliver better outcomes for your patients.

Speaking the Patient's Language

Our team works to educate patients in a friendly and approachable way to help empower patients to take control of their health through education, participation, and adherence. Multilingual and/or geographically specific teams work to tailor solutions that are culturally relevant and specific in the patient's native language.

Knowledge Center

Our training and education specialists can work with your team or on their own to develop a library of educational tools your patients can easily access at home, especially for commonly encountered patient questions and challenges.

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