Patient-Facing Technology Support

Intellect Resources’ experience with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem gives us a unique perspective on hospital workflows and the effectiveness of self-service portals, medical devices, and wearable tech. Our hands-on, personalized services help rapidly drive transformative change to improved patient outcomes and operational savings.

We understand that successful patient portals, medical equipment, and wearable tech management begins by addressing individual challenges. When your patients are discharged and/or when they have questions or experience challenges using their portal or medical devices, our call center staff stands ready to troubleshoot and offer enhanced customer service that furthers the continuity of care under your clinical protocols without burdening your clinicians or staff.

Every Interaction Has the Power to Change a Life

“Breakdowns” in medical equipment or wearables due to user error disrupt patient care and significantly impact costs for health systems. Properly managing these issues reduces complexity and cost while maximizing uptime, satisfaction, and patient safety.

Patient-Facing Technology

We bring simplicity to patient-facing technology.

Troubleshooting Services

Healthcare organizations and clinics spend an extraordinary amount of time servicing and fielding patient calls about "broken" medical equipment and wearables. Our experienced team of professionals is available to patients for troubleshooting and routine customer service-type requests. This service is tailored to your organization's specific pain points, aiming to ensure your desired clinical outcomes and freeing your team for other priorities.

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